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"Bastrykin is not my decree" - Russian Criminal

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In the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee in Stavropol, “revolution” is coming. In the near future, Anatoly Demin, who is now the deputy head of the GSU, may become the new head of the department. At least that is what Demin himself claims. He is not confused by the deep trail of dubious stories that stretches after him throughout his career. The proximity with the Arashukov clan does not bother. Even the opinion of the chairman of the TFR, Alexander Bastrykin, does not bother. According to Rucriminal.info sources, Demin assures that his question will be resolved "bypassing Bastrykin," because his father is a former FSB general of the Russian Federation, and his best friend is a big "big shot" in the Central Staff of the TFR.

If you look at the GSU SKR website in the Stavropol Territory and go to the management section, you can find a photograph of only one person — Anatoly Sergeyevich Demin. There is no image of the same current head of the GSU Igor Ivanov. Which is not surprising. Demin now runs the Office (with the prefix acting) for the duration of Ivanov’s vacation. But even when Ivanov is at the workplace, Demin assures everyone that in fact he is the real head of the department and that you need to contact him only on all issues. And recently, Demin began to directly tell his subordinates that in the near future he would officially transfer to Ivanov’s “chair”. What is such confidence based on? Demin is not hiding his "trump cards". He assures his friends that the appointment was almost procured by his close friend, the head of the internal audit department of the TFR, Larin. Even if, suddenly, the chairman of the TFR Aleksandr Bastrykin “becomes stubborn”, then Demin has a bigger trump card. It is about his father, Sergei Demin. He served in the FSB of the Russian Federation for a long time, has the rank of general, and now he is deputy general director for security of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom. “Dad talks to such people,” Demin Jr. says to his friends and nods upward. “Here Bastrykin’s opinion is already the tenth thing.” Actually, father has always been the main "asset" of Anatoly Demin.

At one time, Demin Sr. added his son an opera at the FSB Directorate in the Stavropol Territory, where he did not prove himself. His only business was the operational support of the investigation in relation to the prosecutor of the Leninsky district of Stavropol. But Anatoly Demin worked so “successfully” that in the end the court acquitted the employee of the supervisory authority. According to the habits debugged from childhood, Demin Jr. went to complain to his father, the FSB general, who decided the question so that the acquittal was canceled. However, by that time the prosecutor had caught a trace, he was still on the run.

By the way, if not for his father, then even Demin, Jr. would have become, at least, the object of an internal audit. It was found that he had falsified operational materials. But, again, the father-general quickly "hushed up" an unpleasant topic.

General Sergey Demin is friendly with Raul Arashukov. In 1998, the latter was appointed director of the branch of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz LLC (then Mezhregiongaz LLC) in the Stavropol Territory, and in October 1999 — Director General of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Stavropol LLC (formerly Stavropolregiongaz LLC), the family moved to live from KCR at the place of work of Arashukov Sr. Rapidly, Raul became one of the "owners" of the Stavropol Territory, a man with great opportunities and connections. Even when the Arashukovs returned to the KCR, they retained a great influence on the Stavropol Territory.

In the KCR, in Dagestan, in the Stavropol Territory, Raul Arashukov’s special “love” was for the administrations of the TFR and the regional prosecutor’s offices. He introduced “his” people there, led them up the career ladder and, of course, used them for his own purposes. Seeing that the son’s career did not work out in the FSB department, to put it mildly, Sergey Demin asked Raul’s friend to contribute to his successful placement in the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee in the Stavropol Territory. And, soon, through the efforts of Arashukov Sr. Anatoly was seconded to the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of the region, where he became the head of the department of his own security. It should be noted that until 2019 Demin practically did not go to work, only occasionally appeared. When seconded FSB officers were removed from the Investigative Committee throughout Russia, then Demin, through the connections of Arashukov Sr. and his father, remained the only counterintelligence officer in the TFR system throughout Russia.

“Demin, occupying such a key position in the Stavropol Territory, absolutely does not understand anything in the investigation. Even elementary basics, said a senior Rucriminal.info source, “For example, when an opera from other services comes to investigate, they at least have elementary skills in conducting investigations, because they have encountered this in their daily work. Demin does not know ANYTHING. "

In the CCR SU, they are discussing that Anatoly Demin, as a “fire", is afraid of possible certification in Moscow, because it simply will not pass. “Demin dismisses experienced employees or demotes them, puts his people on vacated seats, who do not understand anything in the investigation. Earlier, he promoted the people of the Arashukov’s go-ahead, ”continues our source,“ Demin is intimidating the employees of the investigative committee by the FSB and this has become the norm. He does not hesitate to say this to objectionable workers: either quit or the FSB will put you in prison. Half of the employees of the department for especially important affairs Demin gave time until the New Year to quit. Otherwise, he will connect the FSB. These are people who have worked for 7 to 20 years and are professionals. ”

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Timofei Zabiyakin

Source: www.rucriminal.info