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Investigator’s grenade

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The case against Miller’s deputy turned out to be explosive

Source: www.rucriminal.info

Correspondents of the Cheka-OGPU and Rucriminal.info managed to find out the details of a high-profile crime that occurred in the summer of 2021. Then a grenade was thrown into the car for Olga Fesinets, an investigator of the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. It turned out that she had been threatened because of the case that was pending. And this business is really very difficult. The case of embezzlement of funds from the Ministry of Defense, in which a member of the board of directors of EMK-Engineering, Andrei Chesnokov, was previously close to Kovalchuk and was the top manager of AKB Rossiya, but then he began to freak out. At first, he was involved in theft during the laying of cable ducts, after which Kovalchuk noticeably cooled towards him. The most famous moment that had a negative impact on communication with Kovalchuk is Chesnokov’s unsuccessful attempt to throw Vekselberg for $ 0.5 billion together with Mikhail Abyzov. They decided to collect $ 0.5 billion from the IES-holding of Viktor Vekselberg on behalf of Gazenergoprom-invest, hiding behind the names of Gazprom and Kovalchuk.

Андрей Чесноков

Andrey Chesnokov is the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the St. Petersburg State University of Economics. And the chairman of this council is the head of Gazprom, Alexei Miller.

On June 29, a dummy grenade was thrown under the windshield of the car of the investigator of the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Svetlana Fesinets, while the lieutenant colonel of justice went shopping. The 41-year-old investigator parked her car in the open parking lot of a shopping and entertainment complex on Rublevskoye Highway. Lieutenant Colonel Fesinets drives a BMW X6 SUV — the car, as she told her colleagues, is in her use, but not in her property. The car produced in 2016 is estimated at 4.5 million rubles, is on the list of the most stolen cars, therefore, a reliable alarm is installed. However, this did not prevent the spiteful critics from opening the front door and placing a fake F-1 grenade directly into the cabin under the windshield. On video cameras it was established that it was done by a man who retired in the direction of Rublevskoe highway. The route the investigator took that day was not typical for her. This indicates that BMW was being followed.

Машина Фесинец

Investigators of the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under article 296 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Threats or violent actions in connection with the administration of justice or the production of a preliminary investigation."

As a source told Rucriminal.info, investigator Fesinets was conducting a case of embezzlement of 6 billion rubles from the Ministry of Defense by Andrey Gennadievich Chesnokov’s company EMC Engineering. Chesnokov himself actively cooperated with the M department of the FSB for St. for a short period of time, officers from the M FSB department came.

But back to the investigator Fesinets and the grenade. This event quite coincidentally coincided with the fact that Fesinets once again played a double game, promising that she would provide an exit from the pre-trial detention center for Andrey Gennadievich Chesnokov, but in reality she did her best to prevent this from happening, and then blamed the judge for what happened. This is understandable, since hardly any of the security officials would want to "be in the subject, but not in the share," especially with a figure of 6 billion.

This refusal was perceived by a number of persons as a personal insult. It was decided to show what could happen. And so a grenade dummy arose.

Let’s remind that Andrey Chesnokov had one interesting hobby. He will easily surpass all the "decoy ducks" of the ex-head of the GUEBiPK Denis Sugrobov. Chesnokov, who had powerful connections in the power block, with the help of statements constantly eliminated opponents and solved other issues of his business. In total, he has filed them lately more than 15. Here is just a small list of cases and operational measures with the participation of Chesnokov. In 2019, he directly (he wrote a statement and organized wiretapping) put FSB officer Kirill Libenko, who was carrying money to the chairman of the St. Petersburg Committee for the Improvement of St. In 2019, Chesnokov, through his face value Shtykov Yevgeny Konstantinovich, tried to put the son of Bastrykin’s deputy, Elena Leonenko, Igor Leonenko, in jail. We are talking about materials related to ZAO UK OPEC, in which Chesnokov is the owner. In 2018-2019, Chesnokov tried to send one of the top managers of Lenenergo, Andrey Vasilyevich Malkov, to the pre-trial detention center. To do this, Chesnokov wrote a statement about the theft of equipment from one of his companies in relation to JSC "Petrodvorets Electricity Network" and Lenenergo. Thus, putting at risk the former general director of Lenenergo — Sizov Andrei Andreevich, who is a close friend of Konstantin Goloshchapov and Vagif Mamishev.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued

Source: www.rucriminal.info

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